Traffic Calming Design

Opus developed detailed designs to reduce vehicle speeds and improve active transportation.

Opus delivered Detailed Designs of traffic calming measures on 13th Street, Clyde Avenue, and Keith Road in the District of West Vancouver. The study was in response to local concerns over speeding and traffic increases from new development to the east of the study area.

These residential streets had constrained topography and had many issues to be resolved with property owners, including:

  • Hedge encroachment and public opposition
  • Tension between new amenities, project costs, and parking impacts
  • Infrastructure to address real and perceived pedestrian and cycling dangers

The design treatments were identified through extensive public consultation. Opus immediately notified the District of the designs' costs, which included $300K in structural and drainage-related fees not previously identified. This led to the District's decision to split the project into two phases. Phase 1 provided some traffic calming and a one-way conversion to a section of Keith Road. Phase 2 would include more expensive sidewalks and marked bike lanes - to be confirmed after new speed and traffic assessment in 2015 to review impacts of Phase 1 measures.

Opus showed immediate understanding of 2D design's 'real world' cost implications and worked with the client to develop compromises they were comfortable with between public infrastructure needs and sensitivities over parking and property impacts.