Water treatment plus fire protection improvements

This project included retrofitting a pump station, treatment plant and a storage reservoir to the village’s existing distribution system.

Issues with the Moberly Lake source included microbiological risks from cryptosporidium and giardia as well as seasonal turbidity.

Design for the treatment plant includes two slow sand filters - each 5.7m long x 3m wide - and disinfection by sodium hypochlorite as well as consideration for a future third filter.  The filters are cast in place concrete covered with a concrete roof and insulation for frost protection. The present plant hydraulic capacity is 99,000 L/d. 

The project was a “band build” with contract supervision, start-up and staff training by Opus DaytonKnight. The system, placed into operation in August 1996, is operated by band staff.

In addition to this we made improvements to the village fire protection system.