Transportation Impact Assessments

Opus performs Transportation Impact Assessments for the land development industry.

Transportation Impact Assessments (TIAs) are a comprehensive and systematic process that identifies transportation issues and opportunities relating to a proposed land development. TIAs are often required by the governing authority to ensure negative transportation impacts are minimized immediately around the development site as well as on the surrounding transportation network. Opus has completed numerous TIAs and is familiar with TIA guidelines from a variety of municipal and provincial governments.

Opus has completed small and large TIAs for a wide variety of land uses, including residential, commercial, institutional, recreation and comprehensive development. Opus applies its diverse set of transportation skills while conducting TIAs, including:

  • Multi-modal data collection
  • Traffic and parking demand forecasting
  • Traffic modelling
  • Traffic operational impacts
  • Transportation safety
  • Societal impacts (public health, air quality, noise, etc.)
  • Site design
  • Conceptual design
  • Active transportation design
  • Cost estimating