The Town of Ladysmith discharges treated wastewater to embayed Ladysmith Harbour

We produced a Liquid Waste Management Plan for the township.

Several fish bearing creeks flow to the harbour, which has a low tidal exchange rate. The riparian zones along the streams and undeveloped harbour provide wide areas of wildlife habitat and conduits for movement.

A key issue for the community is protection of the commercial and recreational shellfish harvesting areas within the harbour.

The Town’s Liquid Waste Management Plan includes a schedule for:

  • Upgrading the wastewater treatment facilities to protect water quality in the Harbour
  • A commitment to explore moving the outfall discharge to a location outside the harbour if water quality monitoring shows this is needed
  • A Memorandum of Understanding with the Stz’uminus First Nation that included First Nations support of the Town’s LWMP
  • The provision of water and sanitary services to designated areas on the reserve.