Fine bubble aeration system and headworks construction

Revelstoke has two aerated lagoons and one settling lagoon for domestic sewage – this project saw the upgrading and enhancement of the plant.

The electrical power consumption of the new fine bubble system in lagoon 1 is approximately 50% of the power consumption of the previous coarse bubble system. Installation of fine-bubble aeration in lagoon 2 followed in 2008.

Opus DaytonKnight also undertook the $1.3 million construction of a new headworks building in 2008. The building housed a 6mm perforated plate type mechanical screen and an associated screenings washer-compactor unit.

The system is sized for 20,000 m3/d flow. This washer-compactor system incorporates a grinder system which delivers a very clean screenings product. The system is fully automated, and is linked into the plant’s SCADA System.

Ancillary work included adding:

  • A new MCC complete with 460V to 600V changeover in service
  • Building ventilation and heating additions
  • Flow measurement on the three influent pumped mains

To reduce odours in the room the screening channels are covered and foul air extracted from beneath the cover plates. The new build also included a new liquid chlorine disinfection system and a sodium bi-sulphate dechlorination system. This system is flow paced and is fully automated and tied into the plant SCADA system.