The new Selkirk pump station is a welcome addition to the City of Whitehorse, developed by Opus to improve water supply and distribution to its residents.

Selkirk pump station is the point where all of the City of Whitehorse’s drinking water is chlorinated and enters the distribution system. The new station replaced the original, built in 1955, and streamlines control of the City’s six groundwater supply wells. It was designed to be energy efficient and economic, utilizing natural lighting, high efficiency booster pumps, and the highest standards of building insulation.

During periods of low flow at night, the station’s booster pumps can be turned off and water pumped directly into the distribution system from one well pump operating at a higher capacity. The station also has a back-up power generator to provide emergency power to the station and two supply wells to maintain the City’s drinking water supply during power failures.

We worked with the City of Whitehorse to deliver the project through design, construction and commissioning. Our design provides quality drinking water; backup power for the station and wells during power outages; and increased pumping efficiency.  The station provides a safer alternative to existing gas chlorine treatment system which is important for the residents that live near the pump station.

Located within a residential neighborhood, near the Yukon River, the aesthetics of the new facility integrate well with its surroundings.  High windows and solotubes in the roof allow natural light into the facility and the building is constructed to a very high insulation standard to minimize energy costs for heating.  The new pump station became operational in July 2014.

Key Features:  The building also houses the City’s treatment system which is chlorine disinfection using an on-site chlorine disinfection system.  All control systems are fully integrated into the City’s SCADA system.