Lifecycle Approach to BC's Largest Transportation Project

Opus has been providing operational, maintenance and rehabilitation advisory services throughout the PMH1 project.

The Port Mann/Highway 1 Improvement Project is part of the Gateway Program which was established by the Province of British Columbia in response to the impact of growing regional congestion, and to improve the movement of people, goods, and transit throughout Greater Vancouver. This major highway corridor carries about 130,000 vehicles per day including 10,000 trucks.

Gateway roads and bridge improvements have been proposed to complement other regional road and transit improvements already planned or underway. These proposed improvements will help create a comprehensive, effective transportation network that supports improved movement of people and goods, facilities economic growth, increases transportation choice and provides better connections to designated population growth areas.

Opus has been the lead operational, maintenance and rehabilitation technical advisor throughout the lifecycle of this multi-billion dollar project. Opus began its services in the procurement stage and currently provide support to TI Corp through the implementation and operational stages.