Customized Pavement Management Solutions

Opus' open-box solutions provided enhanced flexibility to North Saanich such that they can adjust their management system to match their changing needs.

The District of North Saanich needed a systematic tool to identify forward work programs and the budgets required to bring their road network up to, and maintained at, a defined level of service over the long term. The District sought assistance from Opus to carry out a condition assessment and develop a simple planning tool to enable the forecasting of level of service and associated indicative long term budgets. Opus' solution was to assess the condition of the entire road network rather than a representative sample by road class. This provided the District a full understanding of network condition. Opus' solution provided:

  • A report of current network condition across a number of pavement defect types by road class
  • A model that would prioritize pavement treatments dependent on a scoring system that combines the 2 most common defect types
  • A model to provide costs for the treatments selected
  • A GIS shapefile of current condition

Opus was able to use their extensive pavement management expertise, and in close liaison with the District, provide a realistic model based upon treatment types and typical service lives. The team on this project had extensive knowledge and experience in pavement management systems and processes. Opus worked closely with District staff to enable them to produce their own final documents. Through this transfer process, The District of North Saanich will have an easier implementation due to their full ownership and flexibility of their pavement management system.