Design and construction administration for new treatment plant

Norrish Creek is the principal water source in the region. This project addressed a range of issues including water quality, seasonal turbidity and colour, and the risk of giardiasis.

Fraser Valley Regional District is the bulk water supplier to the District of Mission and City of Abbotsford with a combined population of over 130,000 people. The project comprised two phases:

Sand Filtration

This required four filters totaling about 2.5 acres in area. The water treatment also includes a 500,000 gallon clear well for storage of treated water, piping, a water treatment building housing mechanical and electrical equipment and an office and laboratory. Sand filtration removal is very good for viruses, bacteria and parasites.

Membrane Filtration for the removal of colour and turbidity

The innovative combination of processes to address the seasonal water quality has resulted in a very economical treatment system ($0.70/installed gallon).