Long-term parking strategy to support a growing city

We found solutions that were sensitive to the needs of diverse stakeholders and neighbourhoods, and supported sustainable growth.

The City of Nanaimo needed a long-term cohesive parking strategy for its growing community. Competing needs for parking existed in several areas, including between downtown businesses and ferry users. Parking management in hospital and university areas also resulted in overflow parking into adjacent residential areas.

Through extensive consultation, Opus developed short, medium and long-term parking management and operational strategies. Some of the strategies included: simplified and harmonized parking pricing and time limits in all areas, a simplified and cohesive parking bylaw, improved wayfinding, and improved security in downtown areas.

Opus' solutions were consistent with modern parking asset management best practices, were sensitive to the needs of diverse stakeholders and neighbourhoods (ferries, hospital, university, and downtown businesses), and supported the sustainable growth of the City of Nanaimo.