Design and build of small community water treatment plant

Situated in the Yukon, Army Beach is a small recreational community with a growing number of year-round residents.

Residents obtain drinking water from a variety of sources such as commercial haulers out of Whitehorse, self haul or direct from the lake.

In 2005 the Yukon Government proposed development of a new water treatment plant and bulk water fill station at Army Beach. This would offer a local source of water to be distributed by commercial haulers, as well as provide “blue jug” self-haul facility.

Previous investigation of groundwater sources proved the lake water to be a more cost efficient source to treat. Opus DaytonKnight assessed several water treatment processes for treating the lake water. After much consideration, the Yukon Government selected ultra filtration, or membrane filtration, for treatment.

We installed two GE Z-Box package plants at the facility. The facility also includes a bulk truck fill system, complete with an automated billing system.

The intake was installed in the summer of 2009. The water treatment facility was constructed through the fall of 2009 and winter of 2010 and commissioned in June 2010.