We produced a Liquid Waste Management Plan to reduce waste in the City of Salmon Arm

Opus DaytonKnight led the development of the City’s Liquid Waste Management Plan (LWMP), with specialty assistance from sub-consultants in the areas of biosolids use and habitat protection.

Key issues included the community’s treated wastewater discharge to pristine Shuswap Lake, and the location of the City’s wastewater treatment facility, which many members of the community felt was too close to the downtown area, and to new residential and hotel development adjacent to the Lake.

The approved LWMP includes a commitment by the City to identify a new site for the wastewater treatment facilities in an area remote from development. To maximize use of the City’s investment in existing infrastructure, the tertiary liquid treatment process will remain at the existing location for the immediate future.

During the next plant upgrade, the solids handling facilities, which are the primary sources of odour, will be relocated to the new site. The new site may ultimately serve as the location for the liquid treatment facilities as well. The LWMP also contains commitments for reduction of wastewater volume, resource recovery, source control, storm water management, watershed protection, and asset management