Addressing unreliable and hard water supply

The Krispiox water treatment plant has been running successfully since its completion in 2005. A SCADA system monitors and records the flows and levels.

The Kispiox community is located in west central British Columbia, approximately 16km north of New Hazelton, on Kispiox Indian Reserve No.1. The population based on the band membership statisticsat the time of the project was 759. Projections for the on-reserve band membership for 2022 is estimated at around 1245.

The Kispiox water treatment plant was completed and commissioned in June 2005 and has been running successfully since then. The current and 20-year maximum day demands are 613m3/day and 1000m3/day respectively.

Birm filtration is used for manganese removal. Hardness is reduced to acceptable levels by ion exchange softening with sodium chloride. To keep sodium levels low, the portion of flow treated by softening was selected to be adjustable to a maximum of 50% of the total treated flow.

To comply with INAC design requirements and to allow for a disinfectant residual in the distribution system, the team selected sodium hypochlorite disinfection of the treated water.

A SCADA system monitors and records the flows and levels in the treatment plant and reports alarm conditions to the operator.