Audit and upgrade design

As part of the City of Abbotsford’s 20 year master plan, we conducted an audit to provide accurate information on its wastewater electrical system.

Based on the results of the audit we recommended an upgrade, which we subsequently carried out. The work included replacing the existing 2000 kVA dry type transformer with two 3000 kVA biodegradable liquid cooled transformers. It also included designing the required switchgears. For each transformer we provided two stage cooling fans to obtain an ultimate transformer capacity of 5000 kVA.

We reviewed the short circuit, coordination study and the Arc Flash Hazard Analysis performed by the switchgear manufacturer. The substation is monitored using Allen Bradley Compact Logix PLC which is then relayed to the plant SCADA system over the Ethernet connection. Various Modbus capable monitoring devices are integrated into the PLC.

The upgrade included a new 500 kW standby power genset and the integration of the existing 1500 kW genset. The existing 1500 kW genset will run automatically on loss of BC Hydro power supply. The smaller 500 kW genset will start automatically as the load demand increases and will run in synchronism with the 1500 KW genset. We included provision for a future 500 KW genset.