Replacing open reservoirs with an enclosed concrete tank

The system includes a creek intake, membrane water treatment plant with chlorination and a gravity supply main to the town's new concrete reservoir.

In the past, treated water was discharged to the town’s open reservoirs (two with a combined capacity of 45 ML) located on the north end of 24th Avenue. Chlorination was provided before the water was fed by gravity to the Creston’s distribution system and pumped to the high zone reservoir.

The new 4.5 ML concrete tank is located within the footprint of the old open reservoir No.2 and includes:

  • A new valve building with controls
  • Two outlet pipes and flowmeters
  • A pump chamber that accommodates the high zone reservoir pumps

A PLC controls the flows into the new reservoir as well as the water level and the high zone pumps. The new reservoir has an internal diameter of 26.5m and height of about 8.2m (top water level). The reservoir consists of two internal chambers separated by a partition wall about 3m in height.

Treated water is now properly stored and protected in the new enclosed concrete reservoir before it is distributed to the community.