Responding to increased water demand

This upgrade covered a range of improvements including installation of a fourth pump to handle the forecast increased water demand.

The Highridge Pump Station is located in Port Moody along Noons Creek Drive south of Alpine Place. The station, prior to the upgrade, was operating with three 200 HP Peerless 12MB-8 stage vertical turbine pumps.

The station was designed to run with a maximum of three pumps operating and with one pump as a backup. The upgrade also improved the efficiency of the station by lowering the discharge header and replacing the pump control valves with check valves.

The work also included:

  • Replacement of the motor control centre
  • Replacement of the across-the-line starters with soft starters
  • Installing a new pressure relief valve

A Remote Telemetry Unit was installed for station control and SCADA monitoring. Installing a flowmeter and replacing the transformer were also considered, but abandoned due to funding availability.