In a remote corner of Canada, Yukon’s network of highways, ferries and airstrips tell a dramatic and authentic story of early prospectors and bush pilots as they struggled first to access, and then serve these isolated communities. 

The Klondike Highway follows the route of stampeders as they forged their way north to the Yukon’s fabled gold fields; Old Crow, one of the few communities still only accessible by air; and the Alaska Highway, built in a year during the second world war which still essential to life in the Yukon.

Opus jumped on board to work with the Government of Yukon to provide a framework for managing the valuable transport and aviation assets across this region.

Yukon’s vast transportation network covers regions from coastal to high alpine, and from desert to permafrost.  Increasingly providing access to tourism and resource extraction, it provides for a complex range of demands and is extremely challenging to fund and maintain.

Having established a vision in 2012, the Government of Yukon Transportation Division embarked on a program to design and implement a comprehensive asset management program to ensure that the team continues to make the best long term decision for Yukoners.

The Government turned to Opus to provide asset management advisory services and develop a comprehensive Transportation Asset Management (TAM) framework for all assets associated with the Yukon’s Highways and Aviation networks as well as organizational assets such as facilities and fleet. 

“Asset Management means how we join together the skills and expertise of our people with information we have about our assets and customers to make sure that all our decisions are collectively the best that they can be for the long term success of the transport system. This Framework is a realistic and practical approach for reforming the Division’s approach to infrastructure AM & service delivery.  We understand that a framework alone isn’t going to get us buy-in or engagement with the foreman out grading the roads and fixing pot holes, or with Ministers who struggle to understand the rationale behind our programs, but it is a great foundation that we can than build on.” ~ 2015 CNAM Conference: Building as Asset Management Framework that is Right for you.