Consultation, design, construction and administration

In response to raw water quality problems the city needed a water treatment plant using micro membrane filtration and chlorination.

The project included a public tender for the supply of the membrane system. Selection was based on, amongst other criteria, life-cycle costs. The City contracted with USFilter Memcor to supply the membrane system.

The plant capacity is 16.7 ML/d for 8500 people expandable to 25.4 ML/d associated with the Official Community Plan population of 14,200 people.

The plant construction was fast tracked to completion in 10 months using a construction management approach and was officially opened on July 14, 2000.

The plant provides the City with a consistent six log removal of particles greater than 0.2 micron in size (giardia cysts, cryptosporidium oocysts, bacteria and emerging pathogens) and turbidity of less than 0.1 NTU.

In addition to the treatment plant, the project included a chlorination facility, a clearwell reservoir and residual handling facilities.