Bike Lane Design

Opus developed detailed designs to improve to the safety of walking and cycling on Government street.

Opus used its active transportation expertise to complete the detailed design of the Government Street Bike Lanes in Duncan, BC. Government Street was identified as a priority location for new cycling facilities through the Duncan Active Transportation Plan. Key tasks undertaken by Opus include identifying technical risks in the conceptual design, minimizing construction costs, minimizing tree removal and operating on a very quick turnaround time.

Opus conducted thorough site reviews to catch issues with the conceptual design due to grades, utilities and site distances at driveways and intersections. The conceptual design also had to be improved upon to minimize construction costs and to maximize retention of existing trees. Opus completed three design iterations (50%, 90%, and 100%) and Class A Cost Estimates in one month. This included refining the concept design to meet the City of Duncan's requirements and incorporating the City of Duncan's comments at each stage. Achieving this tight schedule required the establishment of key project goals/parameters at the project start-up meeting and close communication with the City staff and engineers throughout the project.

In addition to the bike lane design, safety improvements were required for the gravel pedestrian pathway on the eastern side of Government Street near Boundary Road. Opus identified the issues of the narrow pathway, steep slope and grade, and overgrown vegetation and provided conceptual design options for constructing a concrete sidewalk with fall protection to improve safety, accessibility and connectivity for pedestrians.