Improvements to supply and distribution systems

This new system overcomes problems with the old system that resulted in an unreliable and unsafe supply to the community.

Gitsegukla is located on the Yellowhead Highway No.16, approximately 100km west of Smithers in northwestern British Columbia. The community is bordered to the north by the Skeena River. The band has an on reserve population of approximately 600 persons.

The Gitsegukla community water supply system was comprised of an infiltration gallery intake on Kits Creek feeding through a 100mm main to a 454m3 concrete reservoir. The water was treated sporadically with a sodium hypochlorite injection system prior to entering the reservoir.

The problems with the old system resulted in an unreliable and unsafe supply to the community.

The water treatment plant was constructed in 1999. It has a design capacity of 700 m3/day and is a conventional filtration system.

It includes:

  • Pre-treatment with coagulation, flocculation and sedimentation
  • Two slow sand filters (120m2 each) with provision for expansion to three filters in the future
  • A disinfection system with sodium hypochlorite injection
  • A secondary limestone contactor for pH adjustment
  • A 105m3 clearwell tank for storage of treated water

A SCADA system monitors and records the flows and levels in the treatment plant and reports alarm conditions to the operator. A second computer in the band office allows remote monitoring of the plant.