Preliminary, detailed design and construction engineering

The existing Downie Sanitary Lift Station was aging and under capacity - increasing demand meant it had to be replaced.

The new station was sized to handle the existing peak flow of 137 L/s with 3 x 60 HP pumps and allowed for a future peak flow of 206 L/s by providing capacity for replacement of the pumps with 3 x 85 HP pumps. The pumps were carefully chosen so as to have the same discharge connection for ease of replacement.

A new station building was also constructed as part of the project. Inside the building, stainless steel piping was used for its corrosion resistance. The motor control centre (MCC) room utilised adjustable speed drives to control the wet-well level through fluctuating flows and to prolong the life of the pumps.

A diesel powered generator was also incorporated into the building for emergency back-up power. This Genset was sized to accommodate the current station systems and the future 85 HP pumps. The system uses a PLC based controller to provide monitoring and control of the system.