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Opus worked with Watson Lake Water to provide residents with safe, clean water that tastes like water should.

Previously the water supply in Watson Lake, in northern Canada, was unpleasant to drink due to high concentrations of iron and manganese. The original treatment plant dated back to 1976 and was in very poor condition, with its foundation undermined during the installation of a water line. The town also operated an ageing bulk water fill station which was also in poor condition and not properly secured. No wonder the water tasted bad.

The two facilities were clearly long overdue for replacement and that’s where Opus stepped in. We helped design and build a new energy efficient, high performing building, along with distribution system pumping and a bulk water fill facility, which fits in with the natural surroundings. Our work included conceptual and pre-design, through to detailed design and construction engineering services.

The water plant was put into operation in May, 2016.  Located within a residential neighborhood, near the shore of Wye Lake and adjacent to a walking trail, the new facility portrays the value and importance of safe drinking water to the community.  The bulk fill station is screened from view and provides shelter when filling water tanks.  High windows allow natural light into the facility and the building is constructed to a very high insulation standard to minimize energy costs for heating.

The treatment facility filters remove iron and manganese from the water, and are continuously regenerated with sodium hypochlorite which also provides thorough disinfection of the water before it is pumped into the distribution system.

Water is distributed at the bulk fill station at the treatment plant building, where there is also an office/lab, MCC room, mechanical room, washroom, and treatment room.  A propane fired heating system is used to heat the building, and a Heat Recovery Ventilation (HRV) system recovers heat from the interior air before being discharged outside.