Graduates at Opus

At Opus we’ll challenge you to reach your full professional potential – and create our tomorrow.

The recruitment and development of cadets, technicians and graduates is an important part of our future. Our Emerging Professionals programme brings vital new energy, ideas and opportunities for growth to the wider Opus team and our clients.

What we offer

We provide a rich learning environment embracing a range of learning opportunities and styles both on and off the job. It’s not only about attracting the best – we seek to develop our people into the best they can be.

The Emerging Professionals programme supports ongoing personal, professional and technical learning and includes structured workplace learning, mentoring and networking to accelerate skill development. You can expect a variety of experiences and a good team environment through a programme endorsed by relevant professional bodies.

Graduate and Cadet development includes:

  • Opus orientation
  • Emerging Professionals network group
  • Mentoring
  • Individual development plan
  • Structured on the job learning
  • Job rotations
  • Site visits
  • Tailored training programme

What we're looking for

We don’t just look to fill a vacancy. The people we want have the skills, drive and passion to help us take our business forward.

Application process

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